Adi Haxhiaj (Tirana, 1989) studied painting at the Brera Academy (Milan). His work has been exhibited at the National Gallery of Arts (Tirana); MAC – Museum of contemporary art (Lissone); PAC – Pavilion of Contemporary Art (Milan); Palazzo Grimani (Venice); Hangzhou picture gallery (China); Fab Gallery – Miza Gallery (Tirana); San Fedele Gallery (Milan); Testori House (Novate Milanese); Contemporary Villa (Monza); Assab One (Milan); Arctic dwelling (Milan); Yellow (Varese); Radetzky newsstand (Milan).



Color, details, clots, fragments of surreal narratives that fill wounds on the canvas; past of existences that lead to the enigmatic fragility of the work, twofold in its eternal being. It was once an abandoned object in a remote place, representing stories and unconscious. Adi Haxhiaj’s art tells about life through surreal views, it is the work itself that speaks. Soul of an imaginative and dreamlike artistic poetics in which a wound is the sign of a past hidden in the Being, filled with the present and multiple realities. Art and life, in their innumerable variations, intertwine in a perfect harmony of a labyrinthine and three-dimensional aesthetic, of a narrative creativity narrated by time, memory and the ego of works that have become mirrors, in which time and reminiscence floats in limbo and it is in the eyes of a single user who seek themselves and their ultimate place. Adi Haxhiaj’s art is the illusory truthfulness of his works, as the last and only infinite and symbolic essence of poetic reality in a game of surreal and ineffable fictions and narratives, which are nothing but pure truth.
Leda Lunghi

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