Aurora Kalemi (born 1993 in Tirana, Albania) pursued her bachelor and master studies at Academy of Arts in Tirana. Her practice develops between the medium of Painting and Video Art. Kalemi, belongs to a young generation of artists that can be considered individualists, as they have consciously decided not to deal directly with events and their representations but with the influence and the consequences socio-political events have on individuals.

Her practice is characterizes by the individual approach toward the medium and the way the work process makes is possible to deal with individual perception of existence and reality. From the infinity of the inner world ideas emerge, through the painting process come to appear and become a way of communication with the reality. It is inside this existential and individual discourse, between Being and Appearing that her practice emerges and it is to be understood, both in content and form. She has participated in various artistic activities locally and internationally, such as: Tirana Open Festival of Art and Literature, Albania; Multicultural Festival Berat, Albania; Inside Out, Tirana Art Lab, Albania; Art Vision Project, Venice and Puglia, Italy; Balkans Beyond Borders Film Festival, Thesaloniki; Focus: Ex-Yugoslawia and Albania, viennacontemporary, Vienna, Austria. She lives and works in Tirana, Albania.


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