Bib Frrokaj (b, 1992, Lezhe, Albania), lives and works in Albania. He graduated from the University of Arts Albania, MSc in Painting Degree (2016). During 2016-2018 he has worked as a photographer near an atelier fashion design. Currently he is working full time as an art teacher. His artworks and artistic projects result in different mediums where recently he is focused on digital Photography.

He took part in a residence at “Regard Sur Mon Voisin” – in Bosnia and Hercegovina 2017, “CittaDellArte” – Italy and “ArtHouse” Albania (2016). He participated as well in collective exhibitions like: “30YEARSOLD”– FAB Gallery, Tirana, Albania (2019). “Idromeno” Price – 5-Th edition, Albania 2017, “Regard Sur Mon Voisin – View on my Neighbour” – Podgorica, and later in Belgrade, 2017, “Retro Time”, – Pogradec, Albania 2016. His works has been displayed in different exhibitions and biennials such as: #UPF17 (Urban Photo Fest) – London 2017, “Bonk Magazine” #3, and winner of First Price “Shkrepe”, Albania 2015. Some of his main workshops and summer schools: “Art House School 3” – Shkodra, Albania (2019); “Photography as a tool of encounters” – Salzburg, Austria (2016); “Summer School as School”, Station – Center for Contemporary Art Pristina, (2015); “Resolving Post-Conflictual Situations Through Visual Arts” – Workshop – Romania (2015); “All Night Long” – Workshop, Shkodër, Albania (2016).



My currently artistic researches are focused in investigation of a complex relationship between human being as a transitory one, and nature as an inevitable presence placed in a habitat which attempt to give and take through their mutual behaviors treating spontaneous subjects from urban spaces and beyond it. My images pretend to set in crises this relationship of habitats trying to discover how they interact against complexities of human behaviour in different relation contexts, whether in a spiritual or visual connection with a dose of sensitivity in social problems. So, sometimes my subjects bring a non-narrative story between images coming from different places and through their subjects insist to determine against an environment which depends by our behaviour and vice versa.

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