Dastid Miluka was born in 1974 in Tirana, Albania. From 2003, he lives & works in Brussels, Belgium.

“Fantasy and dreams are the most intimate sanctuary of an artist. There he finds the purest fountain of his soul and the missing parts of this large puzzle of life.”



The work of Dastid Miluka, interplays between his childhood dreams and a grown-up discovery, this collection explores the visions that started at a tender age and still inspires him today. In his creations, Dastid plays with characters that evolve through a hide and seek game of reality and fantasies. A parade of contrasting worlds, lush colors, light and motion, these creations, explore a theater of people and imaginative places that coexist in harmony. The whole concept of Dastid’s work is to create a feeling of a nostalgic journey in the past by using a present language. This is another way of communicating through the visible and the invisible parts of such exceptional memories. Oneiric figures, characters and places, all come together with the purpose to recreate a whole imaginative, old and new story. It is another way of a symbolic storytelling by putting together parts of every creation, which literally and metaphorically communicate with the viewer through their own allegorical language.


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