Edson Luli was born in Shkoder (Albania) in 1989, lives and works in Milan. Luli is graduated in New Technologies of Art (BA) and in Cinema and Video (MA) at Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan.

Luli’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, amongst them: maltabiennale.art - Main Exhibition curated by Sofia Baldi Pighi, Armory, Birgu, Malta, 2024; Eroi? - Cramum Prize, Reti S.p.A, Busto Arsizio, 2024; WORLDS BEYOND WORDS: New rituals for an archaeology of the future, Museo Archeologico Versiliese, Pietrasanta, Italy, 2024; Piero Gagliardi Prize for the research 2023 (winner); Exibart Prize 2023 (winner);  A Glimpse into the Future, (solo show), Prometeo Gallery Ida Pisani, Milano, 2023; Suspended Verges, Ubicua Gallery, London, 2023; War is sweet to those who have never experienced it, MACC Foundation, curated by Efisio Carbone, Calasetta, 2022; It Begins With you and Me, (solo show), Prometeo Gallery Ida Pisani, Milano, 2021; Corso Concordia 11, Via Farini, Milano, 2021 Back and Forth, Again, Black Box Genesis, Vaasa, Finlandia, 2021; Resisting the Trouble – Moving Images in Times of Crisis, curated by Leonardo Bigazzi, VISIO - Schermo dell’Arte, Manifattura Tabacchi, Firenze, 2021; In-Attesa, Prometeo Gallery Ida Pisani, Milano, 2021; A volte penso che…, Prometeo Gallery Ida Pisani, San Matteo Church, Lucca, 2020; I don’t know. Let’s see!, (solo show) Prometeo Gallery Ida Pisani. Online gallery space, 2020; ARCADIA E APOCALISSE, Paesaggi italiani in 150 anni di arte, fotografia, video e installazioni, PALP, Pontedera, 2019; PASSING, Prometeo Gallery Ida Pisani - Collective 62, Miami, 2019; Premio Cairo XX, Royal Palace, Milan, 2019; Photography Biennale Gjon Mili / IN TRANSITION: Images between Fact and Fiction, curated by João Ribas, National Gallery of Kosovo, Prishtina, 2019; Heavenly Creatures - Strategies of Being and Seeing, Kunsthalle West, Merano, 2019; Art House School residency organized by Adrian Paci, Shkodër, Albania, 2018; L’Arte nei Pixel. Videoart & Arte Contemporanea, Lucca Film Festival, Lucca, 2018; This Exhibition Will Have a Title Soon (solo show), Prometeo Gallery Ida Pisani, Milan, 2017; Watch the Line While Crossing, Prometeo Gallery Ida Pisani, Lucca, 2017; Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale, Tirana and Durres, 2017; Media Art Festival, curated by Valentino Catricalà, MAXXI Museum, Rome, 2017; 22nd International Onufri Prize - Stranger than Kindness, National Art Gallery, Tirana, 2016; Artist Talk, COD, Tirana, 2016; Tirana Film Festival, Tirana, 2016; Hotel Europa, Concordia, Exhibition Space Langestraat 56, Netherlands, 2016; Fuori Visioni - Contemporary Art Festival, Piacenza, 2016; Talking About, MM XI, National Gallery of Kosovo, Prishtine, 2016; VideoZero, Brera Academy of Fine Arts, 2016; Combat Prize, Museum G. Fattori, Livorno, 2016; Milano Film Festival, Milan, 2015; Future Identities, Laura Haber Gallery, Buenos Aires, 2015; The rhythm of art lies somewhere in between, Bienal del Fin del Mundo IV, Chile, 2015; Pamur, Visual Arts Festival, Tirana, 2014; Black Box, Malaga Home Gallery, Milan, 2014.



Edson Luli (b. 1989, Scutari) is a contemporary artist currently based in Milan, whose work grapples with the complex interplay between ontology and epistemology. Luli’s practice explores the relationship between observer and observed, interrogating the ways in which our perceptions and experiences are shaped by language and culture.

At the heart of Luli’s work is a deep concern with the role of thought in shaping our world. For Luli, thought is not simply a passive reflection of reality, but an active force that shapes and creates the world around us.

Drawing on his background in New Technologies of Art and Cinema and Video, Luli invites viewers to participate in a process of exploration and observation, probing the boundaries of what it means to think and perceive in a complex and rapidly changing world. One of the key concerns of Luli’s work is the question of how we evaluate the inner lives of others.

Through a range of media, including print, photography, video, and installation, Luli seeks to create new ways of representing and interacting with reality, inviting viewers to engage with their own values and perceptions in order to create a space for deep exploration and questioning.

Luli’s work is driven by a deep sense of urgency, as he seeks to create awareness of the complex temporal processes that give rise to our perceptions, abstractions, and mental models.

Through his practice, Luli offers a powerful critique of the problematic and conflictual modes of thinking that dominate contemporary society, calling for a renewed commitment to open-ended exploration and inquiry.

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