Najada Hamza (b, 1966) in Tirana, Albania. From 1988 and present, Professor of Arts, at the “Academy of Fine Arts” Tirana. In 1994, Najada Hamza became the Head of Textile and Fashion Atelier at “Faculty of Visual Arts”, Tirana. She has participated on many national and international selected exhibitions.



My art is a restless dialogue with my inner self that brings out events, experiences and freedom. My works are parts of the narration of personal feelings, a diary of conscious and subconscious experiences, extracted attentively to visually convey them. My way of narrating is the collage, the conceptual and material stratification, of placement and interweaving of realities and notions in pas and present. Fabrics from different ages, cultures and civilizations, of different textures and structures, are the medium of my choice. I create volumes, on which, as in canvas, I paint my story which blends in the history of the medium used.

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