Parlind Prelashi was born in Gajush, Lezhe (Albania) in 1971. Passionate about drawing since childhood, Prelashi pursued this interest scholastically graduating in 1990 with a diploma from the Liceo Artistico di Scutari, Albania(Scutari Art High School). His artistic path ripened during a sojourn in Athens, Greece; an enriching experience that left a profound impression on his creativity. In 1994, Prelashi moved to and fondly adopted Florence, Italy where he continued his studies including a course in “free style nude.”

Although Prelashi’s talents were initially pictorial, his artistic formation underwent an evolution following his participation in courses of film directing, film editing and photography given by The National School of Independent Cinema (Scuola Nazionale di Cinema Indipendente) from 2000 to 2004. He then undertook a new path, parallel to his artistic one, by producing photographs, videos and shorts as well as publicity posters transformed into original textured installations displayed on canvas. His works are labeled “With Title”(“Con Titolo”) while his videos are numbered: “With title 1”, 2, 3….in order to ironically mimic the watercolor works of the last century called “Without title” by Kandinsky. Four of his works are located in permanent contemporary art museums: the Galleria d’Arte Lezhe (Albania), the MAP, Mediterraneo dell’Arte Presente (Brindisi, Italy), the Museum of Photography “silk road”(Qingdao, China) and the Luciano Benetton Collection “Imago Mundi” featuring a worldwide itinerary. In the course of his career, Prelashi has taken part in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad.


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