Renato Calaj (Fier, 1992) lives and works between Milan and Düsseldorf. His artistic research revolves around the spray can and its expression in three different spaces: the wall, the canvas, and the site-specific environment. His art is conceptual and minimalistic, intentionally stripping away the typical techniques of graffiti. Space, boundaries, limits, and time are the keywords in his art.

He attended the Decio Celeri Art High School in Lovere (BG) and graduated with honors in 2013. In 2014, he embarked on an international experience in Berlin and Tirana. From the beginning of his artistic journey, he has been interested in the practice of painting and has engaged in significant artistic collaborations with both Italian and foreign artists, exploring various perspectives of contemporary art and materials themselves. He combines street art within a scaled-down space, yet without boundaries.



Calaj’s work investigates the concept of time and its relationship with transformation and destruction. By using scaffolding as a medium, Calaj creates large-scale installations that interact with the environment and engage the viewer in a meaningful way. In his works, the representation of the rough and irregular texture of walls and streets can be interpreted as a metaphor for the transience of existence and how time leaves its mark on everything it touches. In this sense, Calaj’s work can be seen as a reflection on the transitoriness of life and the ephemeral nature of human experience. Together, these elements create artwork that invites deep contemplation on philosophical themes such as time, transformation, and impermanence.

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