Robert Dragot

Robert Aliaj Dragot was born in Tirana on February 18, 1960, in an environment with a tradition in the painting field. He currently lives between Tirana and Brussels, where he engages in his artistic activities. He studied painting at the Artistic Lyceum of Tirana. Later, he developed his artistic activity abroad. During the 80s-90s he began painting. In the late ‘90s, after a long career as a pop singer, he engaged as a visual artist, handling shocking social events of that period of political transition in the country and the region. Dragot’s work is multidimensional.

For a period he completely abandoned painting to make shorts and videos. Now many years later in Brussels, he is focused especially in a multimedia research, experimenting with different mediums and techniques, such as: photography, film, performance, installation, moving images, animation, sound, contemporary painting and television. The subjects of his paintings range usually from politics in Albania, to the very banal. His attention is divided between a critical curiosity on the artistic scene in Europe and a renewed interest for the fast shock therapeutic change, which the Albanian state underwent. He had a considerable number of solo exhibitions in several  countries, such as: Chelsea Art Museum, Home of the Miotte Foundation, New York / 2005;  “INEVITABLE” Cod Albania 2021, NATIONAL MUSEUM SZCZECIN, POLAND >14.10.2009, THE 53RD INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITION, LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA, June 7-September 30, Baltic Biennal 2009, 15th May, Poland,  “INTERNATIONAL TRIENNIAL OF EXTENDED MEDIA 2013. BEOGRAD – 08/08-07/09 2013, Musée de la Vie Wallonne Belgium 2016, The Action Field Kodra exhibition (Thessaloniki, Greece / 2008, Restaging the Past”, National Museum Szczecin, Poland / 2006, Chiesa di San Paolo Modena, Italy, (Catalogue) / 2005, National Gallery Tirana, Albania 2004 “Discrete Elements”.  

Other past exhibitions in places such as: Greece, France, Switzerland and Belgium. Some of his works are: Les Duex Moite (2007), Discrete elements (2008), Spring & Stalin (2008), 6080K310I (2009), Notes on Performative Urbanism (2009), La Tulip de Gerdec (2009), Hyena (2010), Flags (2012),  I am of another world (Unë jam i një bote tjetër) ( 2013), Punch me (2013), Qyteti i mbrapshtë (2014), The Intellectual Decapitation of Image (Dekapitimi intelektual i imazhit) (2015), Homomigratus (2016), Leaflet (2016), Horizontal Tirana (Tirana Horizontale) (2017) etc.


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