Sidi Kanani (b, 1979) in Shkodër, Albania. He completed the Lyceum “PRENKE JAKOVA” in Shkodra in 1997. He then studied at the University of Arts in Tirana and was graduated in 2001 for painting. He currently lives and works in Shkodër. Sidi Kanani participated in many local exhibition in Shkodra, but also in Tirana. In 2011 he was awarded the 1­rst prize at “ONUFRI 18”.

He was considered by the jury as the painter of the modern life. In focus of its art work are the aspect of the everyday life. Using reduced colors and rare images, he creates a disturbing atmosphere. His paintins create a time tension between the past and the present, where we can see a feeling of nostalgia for the post-industrial ruins, making clear the false promises of the modern times.


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