Thomas Hunziker (b, 1972) in Zürich, Switzerland. He first went to HfGZ Art School in Zürich, and then studied sculpture at Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara, Italy. Between 2002 and 2010, he lived and worked in Africa and Italy. From 2015 he lives and works mainly in Tirana, Albania.

He has taken part in several group exhibitions such as Eden Project (Zürich), FAI (Carrara), East African Art Biennale, French Cultural Center Daressalaam, “sculpturalmente” (Peccia, Ticino). His significant solo exhibitions were held at National Museum of Tanzania (Daressalaam) (2009), and the FAB Gallery, Tirana, Albania (2019).



Thomas Hunziker uses the lexicon of modern sculpture for methodical formal and abstract experimentation. His sculptures from these series often appear biomorphic and in the process of forming, freezing, or dissolving. He also has a fondness for conceptual sculpture. Another form of expression – his mostly monotype, black-and-white graphics and exploratory studies – aim to explore the possibilities of what traditional materials and a conceptual edge can display.

A recurrent concern in his practice is the relationship between artist and viewer. His works often try to test, to what degree it is possible to withdraw as artist from the creative process.

Overall, the guiding principle of Thomas Hunziker’s work is to experiment and challenge the conventional hierarchy within visual forms and to highlight the role of tradition and crafts within a globalized culture. He sincerely believes in the possibility of a hierarchy-less coexistence between contemporary art and practised tradition.

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