Vangjush Vellahu (b. 1987) in Pogradec, Albania, lives and works in Berlin. Since 2014 he is part of a local group of emerging young artists – Nucleu 0000 in Bucharest, RO, that try to coagulate an artistic organization as a response to the lack of cultural finance.

Important presentations of his artwork include, among others: National Gallery at Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin, DE (2018); National Gallery, Tirana, AL (2017); Die Arthur Boskamp Stiftung, M1, Hohenlockstedt, DE (2017); National Historical Museum, Tirana, AL (2017); National Gallery, Prague, CZ (2016); Combinatul Fondului Plastic (C.F.P), Bucharest, RO (2016); Fladernbunker Museum, Kiel, DE (2016); Victoria Art Center, Bucharest, RO (2016); Star Gallery, Guangzhou, CN (2014).



Vellahu is a visual artist whom practice is based on his particular Albanian background that defined the way he relates to recent history. His current practice focuses on exploring aspects of collective memory and simultaneously approaches the urbanization as a phenomenon that changes communities in an ideological and also a physical sense. More than an urban metamorphosis he focuses on how the ideological and political agendas change borders, territories, and collective consciousness and how masses of people tend to consign to oblivion recent historical facts and assimilate and engage with the new contemporary issues.

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