Weaving the Future III is an exhibition that was hosted at the Center for Openness and Dialogue (COD), represented by 35 Greek artists as part of the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the movements that led to the independence of Greece from the Ottoman Empire, curated by Efi Michalarou. The exhibition presented works of various media such as: painting, installation, photography, video and performance, realized through traditional techniques including: embroidery, loom, knitting, sewing, canvas, thread and fabric, transformed into videos, sculptures and contemporary installations. These works were displayed from 8 – 31 October 2021.


The Weaving the Future III series is a project that started in June 2021 in Athens, which was developed and then exhibited in various places and galleries. Weaving the Future III focuses on the nature and creativity of women, as well as the key role they have played throughout history. This project brought together 35 Greek female artists who in their artistic practices use traditional methods and tools to display them later in a contemporary way.

The works of the artists where exhibited throughout the premises of COD, bringing a variety of colors and notions to their artistic coexistence. Through their work, the artists display textile elements used in time as part of their culture, which transmit the important role that women have played in history, including the social, political and economic aspects of society. The creations of the artists combine the traditional elements with the modern materials creating a garment with deep roots from the past, that integrate in a new dialogue with the viewer.

The participating artists and the titles of their works in this exhibition are: Artemis Alcalay “The Shirt (family)”; Annita Argiroiliopoulou “1946 – 1949” 2019; Ada Anastasea “Untitled” 2021; Evangelia Basdekis “I believe you” 2007; Vicky Betsou “A story – A gesture” 2019; Dimitra Chanioti “Happiness” 2020; Thalia Chioti “Automatic reservation” 2019; Martha Dimitropoulou “The Crown” 2020; Maro Fasouli “Untitled” 2020; Penny Geka “Po [1] – [0] XI” 2021; Kristi Grigoriou “The past and present of civilization I” 2018 – 2019; Aikaterini Kanakaki “After I Die” 2021; Marigo Kassi “From rags” 2017; Maria – Marika Koenig “Untitled” 2021; Eleni Kotsoni “Claw”; Beskida Kraja “In memory of my grandmother” 2020, “Untitled”; Maria Lagou “Untitled”; Maro Michalakakos “Snake Skin”; Ioanna Myrka “Bonsai Body II, III and IV”; Margarita Petrova “Drawers” ​​2013; Artemis Potamianou “Which side are you on? – Gardhi 1 ”2021; Katerina Ribatsiou “Another Space”; Ifigena Sdoukou “Sleep” 2016; Fani Sofologi “Painting” 2001; Eleftheria Stoikou “War and Peace” 2021; Theodora Tsiatsiou “Representation no.47” 2021; Vicky Vassiliou “A series of talismans I had to offer” 2021; Grigoria Vryttia “A princess and her shadow”; Voula Ferentinou “Landscape of Organizational Culture” 2016; Betty Zerva “Wedding Crowns”; Efi Fouriki “Fresh Memory II” 2015; Maria Zygomala “Making a double bed (detail)” 2021; Mary Zygori “I always come back” 2018.