Anduela Aliko, Denis Golgota, Ergys Vela, Viktoria Nikolla and Zeni Alia are the participating artists in the joint exhibition titled “More Light” / “Flashback”, curated by Edison Ceraj, open at the Zeta Gallery, in Tirana, from the 12 – 25 February 2020. At the heart of the search for this exhibition is the substantiation of the light coming from yesterday, from the past, as a dream. It is in such a form, because, in general, what the works have in common is the foggy dream, the faint colours, the appearance and disappearance of things or people, the slowness with which everything is set in motion. What sets the dream apart is the strong experience and short duration. Contrary to the latter, these works of art live beyond the moment that provoked them.


So, a spark was all that was needed to tease the creation of Anduela Aliko’s  work, but they are there and continuously repeated in the video, images and overturning  images of grey children  playing, similar in appearance to any children playing  in any given place and time.

The past, as a remembrance of the missing people, becomes tangible in the video of artist Viktoria Nikolla. There is a consistent feminine figure in the center and there is a masculine shade that fluctuates continuously between being and non-being as well.

All of this reinforces our view that the past and the present travel hand in hand, inevitably, regardless of our will, as it is very important for us, consciously and unconsciously, to make sense of our being through our genetic, geographical journey and beyond. The past helps us to have enough strength and leave our mark on the future. This is in line with what the curator of the exhibition himself, E. Çeraj, said: “We are our past. We can even be a moment of it, which marks our connection between what we were yesterday and what we are or are not today.”

The phenomenon of non-being or the phenomenon of being beyond the earthly life is, not an event that necessarily carries with it silence and forgetfulness. On the contrary. Its absence has its weight which, in the blue landscape (video) of the artist Ergys Vela comes in the shape of an ice cream that slowly floats slowly on the blue horizon, whereas in the two paintings by artist Denis Golgota, the absence of someone takes the shape of the personal belongings of the person closest to them. Both, the coffin in watery walks and the objects reflected in the two Golgota paintings, more than such, are memories that connect time and people, they shape the present.

The installation of Zeni Alia, through the rotation of a series of photographs (photographs for identification reasons) into a translucent globe, creates a non-identifiable swirl, confusing, in which relevant faces / names exist and don t exist at the same time.

However, all works, like shards of sparks, have the same value as the particles of light, which travel in the dark, to tell us something, which must not be ignored.