Andrea Martinucci’s work Turbomondi (Melodia) was displayed in the premises of Zeta Gallery on October 19, 2021. Turbomondi was presented to the Albanian public as the winning project of Cantica21, and it came to Tirana thanks to the cooperation with the Italian Institute of Culture.


“No being ever remains identical to itself, but it disintegrates and reassembles according to superior forces. What am I? What have I been? What will I become? Turbomondi invites us to reconsider the ideas that we have about the meaning of existing: What is the Earth? What is society?”. Developing as a research process, Turbomondi (Melodia) constantly raises questions about the communicative power of the word, its persuasion and the mechanisms influencing society. Every character, scene and situation in this video is engulfed by the unconscious, which allows observers to extract from the depth of their imagination new situations that define the current structure of reality. In this work there is an imagination about suspended worlds where some creatures appear in the form of objects that are constantly in search of their integrity, thus causing no being to ever remain identical to itself, but to dissolve and reassemble again, according to the superior forces.

Beyond that, Turbomondi (Melodia) is a short film which develops as a process that goes through several phases since its construction. The artist constructs each video plan as if it was a picture, by first drawing the objects, building the shooting scenes and then creating by leaning freely in the language of cinema and advertisements. Next the focus shifts on the search of static images and those in motion, where there are objects that go out of their functional context, thus raising various dilemmas. The images in the video are also accompanied with a text, in order to create a communication bridge between the work and the observer. The sound is another constituent element, which becomes inclusive thus approximating the conceptual idea of the artist.

Turbomondi (Melodia) is the winning project of Cantica21, Italian Contemporary Art Everywhere, promoted by MAECI-DGSP and MiC-DGCC, which support Italian contemporary art in the production of the works and their exhibition in Italian Institutes of Culture, Embassies and Consulates. On this occasion, Turbomondi (Melodia) entered the public collection of the Central Institute for Graphics in Rome, with a curatorial text by Damiano Gullì.

Andrea Martinucci, was born in 1991 in Rome, Italy. He is a visual artist who intertwined various media and mediums in his journey, such as painting, video art and writing. Martinucci, although strongly associated with painting, studied Multimedia Design at the Academy of New Arts and Technologies in Rome. Among his personal exhibitions it is worth mentioning: I will give you a taste of your inner desires, Milan; Will aliens believe in me?, Milan; Glory Black Hole, Milan; The Court, Pescara. Among the recent collective exhibitions: Canny Family, VUNU Gallery, Kosice; XX Premium Cairo, Palazzo Reale, Milan; Everytime you switch me off, we die, a little, Foothold, Bari; Forever never comes, Museo dell’Arte e Archeologico della Maremma, Grosseto; Moneypulation, ArtBasel, Basilea; Endless Backup, FuturDome, Milan; Vis-à- Vis, Institut Français, Milan; Cartabianca, Villa Croce Museum, Genoa; Quadratonomade, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome; È così difficile dimenticare il dolore, Mattatoio (ex Macro Testaccio), Roma.