The Marubi Museum presents the retrospective exhibition dedicated to the photographer Angjelin Nenshati (1929-2008, Shkodër), curated by Luçjan Bedeni and Lek M.Gjeloshi. This exhibition is a result of the “Archive Reloaded” program, where the focus is on the collections of previously unpublished photographers.


His work is divided into two parts: the period during the communist dictatorship and the transitional period of the 90s.

In both these periods, at the heart of Nenshati’s photography remain the events he follows with interest and with the eye of a reckless and attentive reporter.

This disciplined position in the relationship with the present moment is also recognized in the country’s major political changes of the 90s, where the above mentioned socio-political reversals completely transform the increasingly dramatic nature of the event that is liberated from reenactment.

We would like to thank Angjelin Nenshati’s sons, who placed at the disposal of this exhibit images of the after 90s belonging to their family photo collection.

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