Bora Baboçi came to Bazament Art Space with her personal exhibition “Murmur / Murmurim” from May 31st to June 20th 2019.


The exhibition, stretching on both gallery halls, became tangible through two different techniques, both equally light, including three works at the entrance, as well as the decorations on the gypsum panels in the centre, thus merging with the background, as an indirect invitation but appealing persistently for the attention of the visitor.

(According to the curatorial text) The supporting wall of the gallery’s first hall has two drawings from the Areale Series, while a third drawing is added to the series, creating the idea of a temporary wall, but in its dismounted state, in six gypsum panels.

Bora Baboçi brought a new exhibit configuration. In the main hall, the gypsum panels were assembled and turned into a wall. The rosettes appeared on it as trials of a floral geometry that prolongs coexistence with these surfaces as well as accompany a reflection on their nature – scenic, performative, simultaneous and transient, as if they had embraced the qualities of a wall projection.

* Bora Baboci (b, in 1988) in Tirana, Albania. Lives and works in Tirana. Studied architectural design and criticism at the University of Toronto, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella in Buenos Aires and has a master’s degree in the same field at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Inspired by popular culture, urban informality and folklore, parallel to her studies she practiced visual and performative arts. Starting from 2015 she worked as researcher and academic assistant at the Technischen Universität – Berlin, focusing on experimental housing and public typologies within the context of global migration. During 2017 she attended a series of residencies and has been working towards a more independent and experimental practice.