Counter is a solo exhibition by Marina Sula, with a curatorial text by Maximilian Geymüller. The exhibition features various pictures that are exhibited at the Bazament Art Space and it will be open from June 30 to August 7, 2022, in Tirana.


Sula’s work in this exhibition is focused on the medium of photography, through which she reflects images that interrelate with the circumstances of a certain space. They appear in two different situations: active and passive, which are exposed as an extension of each other.

Large-scale photographs of a shooting studio in blue tones are on display throughout the entire space of Bazament, showing some actors and a film crew during a filming. The members located in that space appear in in the shadow and unidentifiable as they are positioned in their respective places.

These fragments are accompanied by several photographs in small sizes, composed inside the frames. They show situations from the film Wag the Dog, as they display some crucial scenes from the 90s film. Some of these photos are shot in the premises of a hotel room, focusing on the details of telephone and household equipment.

The interrelation of these two situations creates an ambiguity between the metaphysics of the blue screen, which covers most of the picture, and the detailed shots that turn out to be insufficient in terms of narrating.

*Marina Sula was born in 1991 in Lezhë, Albania. She currently lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Marina graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, after studying Art History at the University of Vienna. The artist has participated in eight exhibitions since 2014, among which four of them are solo exhibitions in: Albania, Austria and Italy. Her work focuses on various mediums including: spatial installations, photography, sculpture and digital abstract drawings, made with the artist’s fingertips on her mobile device and translated into abstract drawings. Also her artistic practice explores the dynamics, affects and feelings that occur within the technologically mediated experiences and communication to reveal the cracks and ruptures of oneself. Her exhibition Soft Power, at the Galerie Gabriele Senn in Vienna in late 2016, was praised for its use of advertising strategies, social media performance and loving proximity in such well-being rituals as body cleansing to diffuse the differences between internal and external or privacy and exposure.