Artist Edit Pula(j) has selected the installation painting as the medium for her exhibition, “Metrat e fundit”, hosted by Kalo gallery in Tirana on September 10th – October 6th, 2019 and curated by the author herself. This exhibition takes place during Design Week, held in Tirana.


The earthly colours used in these works create the impression of multi-layers, seemingly always in motion. The initial sensation is that of a difficult permeation into them, but if this difficulty is acknowledged, then the colours begin to speak. Sometimes these layers are clearly highlighted and the confrontation between them becomes stronger, more noticeable.

The way they appear goes against the idea of uniformity. Horizontal ripples of colours in the vertical space refer to the intersection whose symbol, the cross, has been reflected through the placement of two of the installation paintings near each other.

These installation paintings were completed at the conclusion of her postgraduate studies (London 1998), using (100 meters) old English wall paper. The paintings stand out for their height, for the particularity of the paper used on them, and for the array of dancing colours. The author herself calls it “skin looking for the body”.

The author tries to divert attention to the spaces where works of art are temporarily stored / rested, while each artist is concerned about the “last meters” of the journey of his work, thus, what happens to it after accomplishing its purpose of temporary exposure? In addition, the exhibition features “The Last Meters, cut, scratched, wrinkled” after traveling from one exhibition space to another.

* Edit Pula(j) is an artist / curator from Tirana. Her artistic and curatorial practice focuses on heritage. She mainly uses it to weave contemporary wonts. While painting remains an ongoing practice, her most recent projects have been installations and participatory art projects – (that is, with the inclusion of external elements), aiming to build the bridge of dialogue between the past and the present.