“Personal exhibition with swallows” was the title of exhibition opened by Eljan Tanini on the 2-7 of April, 2019 at the National Museum of History. “Leave, Swallow leave” and ” Come swallow come” are two poems by Philip Shiroka, which inspired the exhibition, consisting of 160 paintings dedicated to swallows.


Eljan Tanini sees swallows as a sign of inspiration in order to build a new life from nothing and all this between past and present. The author himself says that this exhibition is dedicated to those swallows who built their nest at the corner of his balcony. They lived there with all the human limitations and talked about freedom, leaving and returning to the same home since 1956. The exhibition is in itself the end of a long cycle of paintings that inevitably connect nature and man.

* Eljan Tanini is an Albanian artist, poet, journalist and essayist. He studied painting at the Lyceum “Jordan Misja” and graduated in philosophy and sociology at the University of Tirana. In 2009 he published his first book “Tregu i Zeros” with essays and reflections. In November 2011, he won the international photography award “Focus”, with a picture named “Si puthja për babën.” After working for a period of time as a journalist at Boom Boom Radio, “Klan” and “Top Channel” TV channels , Tanini now writes for several newspapers and magazines.