“Ex Nihilo” (lat. “From Nothing”) is the title of the next personal exhibition of artist Greg Rama, opened from 4th to 15th March 2020, in the FAB Gallery, near the University of Arts in Tirana, curated by Ardian Isufi.


The exhibition constitutes per se an installation that extends in all three rooms of the gallery space, outlined by light stripes: giant leaves of grass penetrate the walls, thus challenging the preconceived notion about their fragility and the thought of coming out of nothing. The installation in question, recreates the journey of a water droplet – as a sign purity and delicacy- on a giant leaf of grass, which penetrates the impenetrable, persistently seeking to go beyond its natural expectations, as if to remind us that what is material and small is not excluded from what is spiritual and important.

It’s true that the exhibition is presented to us through a seemingly easy work, somehow difficult to explain, but it is worth saying that it starts from something that each of us encounter every day, but we barely notice its existence, we barely give it attention, and this might be a leaf of grass, but it could also be much more than that. Its importance in our eyes fluctuates depending on the calmness and attention with which we observe it, making us realize over time, that the object wasn’t insignificant, but we were the ones oblivious to its value.

Just like a dreamy vision, these grass leaves, which mark the persistence of life’s vibrance, just like in nature, they come quite naturally and evanesce in the same way. They appear and disappear; always flexible; intrinsically important, but almost invisible in everyday life, perhaps because they are always there; silent, but not worthless. This is exactly what the author wants to give a voice to: the interweaving of the temporary and the eternal that seem to start from nothing.

This exhibition resembles a spark, like an invitation to the viewer, to the awakening of his senses, as if to say: the things that look simple from the outside have a very special importance in our unconscious, whatever they may be. We just need to be aware of that.

*Greg Rama was born in 1990 and belongs to a family of artists. He attended studies at the University of Arts in Tirana. His first personal exhibition “Fidem”, was presented at FAB Gallery in 2018. The artist comes back to the same gallery in 2020, with another personal exhibition named “ Ex Nihilo”.