“Fidem” is the first personal exhibition of artist Greg Rama, and will remain open at the “FAB” gallery at the University of Arts in Tirana from the 13th to the 30th of September.


Under the care of curator Vladimir Myrtezai, the exhibition features a segmented design in all three gallery spaces. Similar to a visit to the “Milky Way”, the gallery creates the impression of a galaxy where arrows replace the stars.

The exhibition has a simple as well as as multilayered character. It represents an attempt to identify man and the artist in his all-embracing journey, in relation to himself and the community he  belogs to, where the need to inspire confidence stands out. This is why the direct interaction of the author with the visitor at the gallery, through his work , serves to this purpose.

Multiple arrows in the gallery, persistent at penetrating obstacles (walls) and persistent in reaching the goal (touching the orb like object) can be read as a pathway that is exemplified by accuracy, concentration, disregard for traction (gravity), and finally persevering force in achieving the goal.

In this journey through the big, small world, the lighting has changed orientation and comes in the form of steps that pass through the gallery. Lighting seems to guide the aerial movement of desires, the goals of the artist, which come alive through multiple arrows. They are set in all three moments: the start, the high density point and at the end of the mission, always suspended, while on arrival not many make it, maybe only one. Everything else involves forgetfulness.

Few or some, if we imagine all resembling alongside; but only few or fewer goals, if we stand by looking only from an individual standpoint.

The feeling of opposition is present in the gallery: the walls become obstructive, but are not impenetrable; mysticism, also powered by the illuminating feature, does not complicate the work’s language. It is so readable: Confidence in trying to recognize the world and to get acquainted with it.

* Greg Rama presents in FAB his first personal exhibition, an installation. He was born in 1990 and belongs to a family of artists. He attended studies at the University of Arts in Tirana.