Haveit present their performance and new installation at Bazament Art Space from 4th– 25th October 2018. Haveit is an art collective of girls, quite sensitive to social issues, especially those of a gender character.


In this public outreach they bring to attention the conduct of the Albanian families, respectively the phenomenon of cursing. In Albanian families, the use of cursing is described as non-malevolence, something that happens naturally and on the surface does not seem to leave any trace, but in reality is an approach that can cause irreparable damage to the human psyche.

The use of evil to gain something good, therefore, to gain a child’s attention through curses in order to educate him, sounds nonsense and non-beneficial. And yet, the same logic is behind the performance and the exposure of the Haveit group in Bazament. By reflecting on negative behaviours with an educational purpose, Haveit girls aim to stop linguistic violence.

“May your arms fall off!”, “May you go blind!”, “May you be sick!”, “Hope you never hear your voice again!”, “May you break your neck!”, “Hope you drop dead!”, “Go to hell!”. These are the selected expressions reflected in the exhibition which show no other than a harmful way selected by society to build itself, inspiring a multidimensional assault.

The reality reflected through the exhibition, secretly, affects many. The public disclosure of the cursing expressions through the exhibition will probably help acknowledge the problem without leaving it under the surface. The means through which the idea of the exhibition comes to life, are the household appliances (which also resemble somewhat personalized), as well as the electronic tablets (which give the story in continuity).

* Haveit (Alketa Sylaj, Hana Qena, Vesa Qena, Arbërore Sylaj) is an art community founded in Prishtina (Kosovo) in 2011. Their practice includes performances, public space interventions, and exhibitions.

Haveit has conducted its activity in many countries: even though mostly in Pristina (Kosovo); quite a few times HAVEIT has chosen Albania as well, presenting in Shkodra and Tirana; to name other countries such as: Macedonia, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Sweden and so on.