Artist Kosta Koçi presents at the Zeta Gallery, on April 20th – May 12th, 2019, his personal exhibition titled “Play”. The exhibition in itself is a collection of male figures belonging to a young age group reflecting the spirit of sports.


These figures are almost life-size and the technique used is that of collage, consisting of recycled materials – cardboard refuse that were previously used as wrapping for industrial products – which was later elaborated by the author, to create realistic human outlines.

Models for the author’s work are random, completely anonymous youngsters attracted by art and the world of sport. The exhibition is in fact the continuation of a cycle, initiated by the author three years ago, where the simple man is the focal point of it all, the man living in the suburbs of the city.

The multicolored sculptures, in addition to the dimensions in question, draws attention by inviting you to closely familiarize yourself with the relevant expression.

The exhibition revolves around “Play” and the “Player”, a duo that brings and reflects thoughts about movement and attitude, thoughts of dreams, ability and (in)ability.

Despite all the efforts, in the series, the player appears in a passive state, pointing to the idea of impossibility of involvement in the game.