Silver Lining is the latest exhibition opened at Bazament Art Space, bringing together artists who work mainly in the medium of film and video. The works of artists: Anna Ehrenstein, Irgin Sena, Silva Agostini, Driant Zeneli, Genti Korini, Lek. M. Gjeloshi are exhibited in the entire space of the gallery and divided according to three chapters. The intention of the artists is a common path towards a reflection on the cultural and socio-political approach of the country. The exhibition will remain open to the public from March 30 to May 15, 2023, Tirana.


First Chapter:

Anna Ehrenstein “The Nationstate as Instagram Influencer” / 19.54’.2022

Freedom / 4.58’.2022

In the first space of Bazament, a video projection shows the artist Ehrenstein herself with her grandparents as they repeat by reading phrases of affirmations of the “assumed EU values”, information which previously disseminated through EU agencies and initiatives, involving young people in expressing their aspiration for them on Instagram. While the second section features a lip sync by artist Lux Venera of Jair Bolsonaro’s anti-LGBTQI+ propaganda and anti-PT-ism, spread through WhatsApp messages.

Second chapter:

The second chapter follows with the videos and films of the artists: Driant Zeneli, Irgin Sena and Silva Agostini.

Driant Zeneli “The firefly keeps falling and the snake keeps growing” / 11.46’. 2022.

The film begins with footage of one of the most emblematic Brutalist buildings in the Balkans, the Skopje Central Post Office. It was built in 1974 and its structure was damaged by a fire explosion, and now it’s protected by UNESCO as one of the seven most endangered buildings in the world. This film is inspired by an ancient fable. The students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, North Macedonia were involved in the making of the film.

Irgin Sena “The Yellow Shirt on a Brown Velvet Blanket” / 7.59’. 2015.

The video shows footage of nature and details of objects that appear to be left behind in the middle of the void after a failed event. Traces of a previous existence follow an order in Sena’s work, same as it happens in music with the creation of a score. “Yellow Shirt on a Brown Velvet Blanket” according to the artist, relates to what we choose to see versus what is actually in front of our eyes.

Silva Agostini “Mutual Red”/03.45’.2013.

“Mutual Red” initially shows a person with their head upside down, and as the frame begins to widen, we notice another head reflected below it. Two characters are putting physical pressure on each other experiencing a head-on-head balancing act. The performance displays images of tension within the limits of physical resistance that conveys an uncomfortable sensation to the viewer.

Third chapter:

Genti Korini “My father’s book” /01.23’.2023

The video work “My Father’s Book”, shows a Russian anatomy book, which Korini took from the library of his father, who was a doctor by profession. In the center of each of the pages a slit passes through, interfering with the image of the anatomical bodies shown in it, in order to question, according to the artist, the modern idea of ​​scientific knowledge.

Lek. M. Gjeloshi, “Melancholia”/0.43’.2019

“Melancholia” shows six scenarios with characters drawn overnight, as an animation, as they try to walk in a white and empty space, continuing with the same movement that keeps the viewer curious for the whole duration. The third channel is related to the bride of “Melancholia” which was a planet. The bride was Justine and Justine was Kirsten Dunst.

These images are based on “Everlast”, from the recent and distant memory which is represented in a single color exploring between circumstantial and cinematic references to create a story (reference from the curatorial text).


The photos are courtesy of Bazament Art Space