Galeri Zeta presents the personal project of artist Blerina Muça. The gallery exhibits a selected series of three cycles that the artist has produced over the years, such as: Playground, Roi Somewhere Home and Isolation. Something’s wrong is curated by Marko Stamenkovič and will be open to visitors from December 19, 2022 – January 30, 2023, Tirana.


In her first solo exhibition, Muça presents sixteen creations that were produced between 2015 – 2022, which mainly belong to the medium of painting, made on fabric, canvas, wood and ceramics. In most of Muça’s creativity, one can note that the human figure is the main character. Through the image, in this case the painting, Muça focuses on an approach related to situations that deal with “strange” actions, singled out as unusual and that at first glance may seem meaningless, although in their essence they exceed the visible.

Something’s wrong, presents situations from the everyday life of Muça’s family members, who appear in this exhibition sometimes in a group and sometimes individually. The background around them remains the same everywhere, and in each of the creations the attention is focused on their situation and environment. Although visually present, they are presented as unidentifiable, with an occasional counter-portrait attitude. These somewhat ambiguous situations arouse a kind of visual/aesthetic interest in Muça, but at the same time, a concern that pushes her to dig deeper into the situations she faces.

Muça brings these situations as fragments that contradict the strict rules of behavior or her norms. She normalizes and generalizes them in contrast to another “parallel life” that has to do with the world of digital social media; a world in which “acting differently” is raised as a globalized social example, where the closer the behaviors get to the established models, the more potential you have to become part of these modernized/contemporary norms.

*Blerina Muça is a visual artist born in 1985 in Fier, Albania. She studied painting at the Academy of Arts in Tirana where she graduated in 2008. She lives and works in Tirana as an art teacher at the Franco-Albanian School “Victor Hugo”. Before her solo exhibiton at the ZETA Contemporary Art Center (2022), she participated in group exhibitions such as: “ARDHJE Award for the New Visual Artist of Albania”, ZETA Contemporary Art Center, Tirana (2018); “Idromeno Award 2017”, Gallery of Arts, Shkodër (2017); “… on a day like any other”, ZETA Contemporary Art Center, Tirana (2015); and “Painting of modern life: XVIII Onufri Award”, National Gallery of Arts, Tirana (2011).