The personal exhibition of Austrian artist Veronika Eberhart is presented by Bazament Art Space on September 5th – 28th, 2018.


There are four stops inside the exhibition and the focal point is the video film “9 is 1 and 10 is none”. From the content point of view the video in itself intertwines issues related to different phenomena (social, political, economic) and from the artistic point of view they are treated in a very special way. The video is a summary of ideas by Italian-American philosopher Silvia Federici, in the book “Caliban and the Witch”.

An abandoned wood-workshop where visitors with strange costumes, even for the surroundings, interact with each other but also with the environment, conveying certain voices through interplay between them, through choreographic steps as well as through bodily performances.

The sound in the video is a feature that interacts with the plans; they change according to its tempo.

Performances between performing groups place man face to face and side by side with one another, thus interrelating and consequently facing different standpoints. Nature, man and what man tries to build within nature are the focal points through which the video shifts. The arrangements move by reflecting the sky, the earth and the sky again, they move back outside and within the built environment. The impression created is that of the present human elements (witches) coming from a distant world, just like the work noises inside the workshop even though no work is carried out.

The other three works belong to different techniques: an abstract space sculpture with the basic colours of the film; a triangular, triple in number and colouring; as well as a set of 7 transforming shapes of a drawing by artist Hans Baldung Grien. In seven paper surfaces, Hans’s drawing is severed into triangles, always irregular and occasionally blurry.

* Veronika Eberhart is a visual artist and musician in Vienna (Austria). She has attended Sociology and Gender Studies at the University of Vienna and Copenhagen as well as the Visual Arts at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts aiming at performing arts. Veronika Eberhart was honoured with the “Theodor Korner for Art” (2018) prize and received a “Visual Arts O1-Austrian Talent” scholarship (2016).