Tirana Art Lab – Contemporary Art Center, the art crew from “Patriotisme” and “Italian Institute of Culture” in Tirana , organize the # 1 performance entitled “Integration Center”. Its contents include: performances, lectures, conversations and installations, which will be presented from 24th-29th July 2018 at the TAL premises. “The Integration Center “brings together artists, curators and theorists / scholars from Albania and abroad.


“Performative Exhibition” is a new format launched by the Tirana Art Lab – Center for Contemporary Art, with the aim of analysing the exhibition as a format and making public the creative artistic processes of cure through performativity. It also aims to find ways to incorporate the tools and conditions of artistic production into the exposure process that go beyond the exhibit event itself. The concept of “Performative Exhibition” aims at finding new ways of exposure and cure, which break the temporary / unrepeatable features of contemporary exhibitions and propose sustainable ways to work together. The first exhibition of this series will take place under the title “Integration Center” and aims to reflect the concept of integration visualy , poeticaly and theoreticaly.

Evenings at TAL´s begins with the conversation between Angelo Careri, Adela Demetjas and Tancrède Rivière, the  presenters of the “Integration Center”. The following evening with continue with a lecture by Romeo Kodra titled “The mystery of Albanian art between the lines “He focuses on integration, given the name of the activity and adhering to the painting entitled” Sister Tone “by painter Kolë Idromeno.

In continuity, Angelo Careri brings a lecture titled “Poets on Strike”, a lecture that takes place from a near-time event, a “poet strike”. Careri uses the event as a starting point to revise his position by presenting a section named “Theory”.

Artist Raino Isto brings lecture and performance, adhering to Euronymous’s statements about Albania as a country that had experienced dictatorship. Gabriele Rendina Cattani comes to TAL with a performative lecture, “Stentor’s Evening”, while Frederik Stamati comes with the lecture “Flags of some of the culminating events of Albania’s history”.

Stamat’s lecture focuses on the National Museum and its activities as well as Stamat’s 20-year effort to identify a whole set of flags donated to the Museum, while mentioning the problematic of their preservation.

Film, conference by Tancrede Rivière on the forthcoming TAL evening. The film “Germo ” ( DIG) is a reflection on fantasy about archeology, as a field of science and as a field practice.

Lumturi Blloshmi brings to TAL the performance titled “Menu Kama Sutra” . Art friends chat with the author regarding the “Menu Kama Sutra”.

The artistic intervention at TAL from Sokol Peci is made possible through a video entitled “No More Class War”, which shows the wandering of half a man on a rainy day. Its upper part turns out unnecessary.

Artist Ergin Zaloshnja observes the developments of the Performative Exhibition # 1 “Integration Center” and will create the next issue of the “Sputnik” under the theme “Integration Center”.