The DokuFest film festival, in collaboration with Harabel Contemporary Art Platform, held two film premiere nights this year at Tirana Open Air on July 26 and at the Amphitheatre of Durrës on July 27. Five of the films selected from this year’s program “How to Survive” were presented to the public of Tirana and Durrës.


The Screening featured films of the short-length category by authors of different nationalities. The films bear the titles: Von, Hana Ahmeti (Kosovo, 2022); Romance Burgu, Denisa Mici (Kosovo, 2022); The Art of Healing, Morea Pula and Lyra Ymeraga (Kosovo, 2022); Haulout, Eugenia Arbugaeva and Maxim Arbugaeu (Russia, 2022); The Game, Roman Hodel (Switzerland, 2020).

Von, shows urban plans as a girl’s voice becomes the narrator showing how small leaps in life can help one to know and accept oneself.

Romance Burgu tells the love story of a teenager during the Kosovo war in 1999-2000. This film shows handwritten letters and an audio where a boy and a girl read the corresponding letters staged in the form of a dialogue.

The Art of Healing consists of documenting the story of Fatos Pula, where he tells about his two passions, such as art and medicine, and how art served him to create some physiotherapeutic devices.

Haulout features scenes of a remote Russian Arctic coast and a lone man in a hut waiting to see an ancient gathering, but warming times bring an unexpected change and he is faced with a mass of seals in sea ​​side.

The Game shows the behind-the-scenes of a football game, in the situations when the players protest on the field, the commentators follow the actions and between them is the referee, who is observed by an entire audience. Referee Fedayi San, makes you get involved in the ebb and flow of a football game.

DokuFest brought to the 21st edition an inviting atmosphere for the public in the two nights dedicated to cinema, paying special attention to the selection of films shown in Tirana and Durrës. Then DokuFest will take place on August 5-13, 2022, the annual festival in the historic city of Prizren. It will present a diverse program of documentaries and short and experimental films, brought by a large number of participants, including local authors and from different countries of the world.