Harabel invites DokuFest at the “Tulla Nouvelle” in Tirana, on July 13th, 2018, in an evening dedicated to cinema and its role in social development. The event begins with the introduction of three short feature films from the DokuLab section: “Whose flag is it?”, “Decommunism” and “Giulia”.


Barış Karamuço’s film “Whose Flag is it?” originates from the fourth anniversary of the formation of Kosovo as an independent European state, but focuses on the issue of acceptance and rejection of the main national identity symbol, the flag, by individuals who belong to different ethnic communities, different social strata, professions and different ages as well. Opposition relates to the adjacency of thetwo flags: the national one and the official flag created by conditional political circumstances.

As the Albanian population in Kosovo can not be classified as a national minority, but as autochthonous population the voices in the documentary oppose the idea of equal representation of other ethnic communities with the flag. This reasoning is attached to the spiritual and historical connection that the Albanian population in Kosovo has with red and black flag.

The movie named “Decommunism” by Enxhi Noni is an array of plans and documentary archival pieces (SCFA) with nowadays daily life plans and interviews. What stands out in the movie is the change in clothing, mindset and attitude from period to period, it is also important to include in the film the voice of the call to not forget, in order to avoid fatal historical recurrence.

The movie “Giulia” by Rigers Shimaj addresses the world of an 18-year-old girl who lives the daily struggle arising from gender prejudice in the family / society where she lives,  which clashes with her desire for freedom, a desire that has taken the shape of outing in uneasy geographical reliefs with her two-wheeler. Julia is part of a brave, young courageous society, associated with nature and outdoor sports.

At the end of the films there is a conversation between Eroll Bilibani, executive director at DokuFest and the audience, a conversation that mostly revolves around the undeniable indicators of DokuFest’s success, the value that this festival has in the development the city of Prizren, but also in influencing social strata, especially in the new generation within educational institutions.

DokuFest is a well-known cultural institution in the Balkans, which among other things aims at promoting creativity in young artists and creating independent forums for discussion, forums where ideas are exchanged and public debate is encouraged on the importance of education and social inclusion of all communities through cinematic art.