Harabel invites the founders and directors of the Prishtina Film Festival, to present on the evening of July 26, 2018 the winning films of 2 of the programs of this festival “Sun” and “Éclair”. PriFest is one of the most important film festivals in Kosovo, the event will take place at Reja.


Besides the traditional film programs over the years, PriFest, has brought new innovations in its 10th anniversary with two new programs, among which is the competing program of student films . Part of this program is a student project , a 12-minute movie named “Sun” (Kosovo / Italy) directed by Mjellma Istrefi, this film was selected as the winner of this category in the festival..

It highligts the relationship between leaders (teacher- Shkumbin Istrefi) and followers (students). This relationship is shifted from inside the classroom to the outside, from lessons to practice, from general to something more concrete. Precisely during these transformations along comes the surprise and disappointment.

Light is the essence, it stands as a necessity of the future and its absence – the consequence of certain indicators that are inspired by man. Man seeks progress, yet man tries to stop it. Good intentions and forethoughts forever clashing with the ill norrow thoughts.

Key insights through the sun (burning ), the city (survivor), the clouds (protection) by the teacher, encounter the controversy of the curious student outlook (Trina Ukmata), which sees in the sun for much more than the burning light, sees the clouds but not the protection, she sees the next storm.

Can human beings survive in a society where the true leader is not yet born, where evil strives to fight the truth? The new director, Mjellma Istrefi, prefers a ” to be continued ” ending for this film.

The medium-length films program is another subdivision of the festival, which according to one of Prifest founders and directors, Fatos Berisha, includes films of a special production that do not find much space on other festivals. One of them is the 30-minute film entitled “Éclair” by director Marko Djokovik (Macedonia, 2016), who also received the first prize in this category.

Reflected in this film are the relationships between generations and different strata at the time when some Balkan states were part of the so-called Yugoslavia. An important visit of the highest political personality is what drives everything in the movie. Even more important is his absence. Throughout the movie you can feel the preparations at the welcoming villa.

All the welcoming preparations are a strange and unacceptable show not only for the viewer, but also for the childish characters in the film. It is precisely this age-group that symbolically routs, crushes the oppressive authority of one class to another , in the last act in the film.

Certain fragments, exhibit objections to the above mentioned ascendancy, but they are not decisive. That is why the film invokes psycho-social analysis: why the younger generation, who itsef has experienced less oppression and perhaps born under its pressure, is the one who opposes the subordination with such strength?

At the opening of the event is Vjosa Berisha, founder and director of PriFest, which presents the films for the participants. At closing of the event, the founder and other leader, Fatos Berisha, focused mostly on the difficulties and achievements of PriFest so far.