On February 6th 2019 Alessandra Pioselli, art critic and curator, had a talk at the Harabel living room in Tirana. By staying faithful to her book “Art in Urban Space. The Italian experience from 1968 to date”, Pioselli focused on three artists, analyzing some of their works.


Starting with Franco Airaudo, an artist who seeks to highlight the human connection with nature, Pioselli brought to our attention his work “Logos tu stauros”. A work of art which itself contains several acts: destruction of a cross abandoned by social attention, its fragmentation to as many parts as the number of houses of the province to which it belonged and the dispersion of every piece in each of the houses therefor transforming that totally forgotten religious item into a matter of spiritual significance for each of the area’s inhabitants.

Elisa Vladilo, is another artist brought to the attention by the art critic Pioselli. “My favorite place” is the artist’s work where the critic was focused. The emphasis of this art work is granting new colorful meanings precisely by use of color, as an expressive instrument of the artist. The blue color used is not an embellishment, but a way of transmiting values, positive happy feelings and attitudes.

Located in a place that is visibly connected with the sky and the sea, Vladilo’s work tries to escape the social arrangement and tries to connect the human factor with infinity and with many more smiles. In this same spirit comes another work by Vladilo, “Rima d’origine”, a layering of colors on the ground, in which 31 women are invited to write a poem from their country of origin.

“Voliera per Umani” is the work of Italian artist Giuliano Mauri. A circular space, a kind of open cage, made entirely by the intertwining of branches and trunks of trees. An installation which in the artist’s intent is meant as temporary, which means it will exist in that place until its natural extinction. In general, his art intends to interfere in the landscape, building installations that paradoxically point out his spiritual world.