On November 18, 2021, HARABEL Contemporary Art Platform hosted a talk with Massimiliano Tonelli, editorial director of Artribune; editorial director of Gambero Rosso (2013 – 2021) and former director of the paper and web publishing platform Exibart (1999 – 2011).


During this talk, Massimiliano Tonelli focused on the performance of the Artribune platform and magazine, which are dedicated to contemporary art and culture. Tonelli talked about the evolution and efficiency of the published dimensions starting with the magazine, then the poster and today it comes in a smaller digital format where you could get any information about Artribune.

The Artribune platform was created in 2011 and it transitioned from an art magazine to an integrated editorial platform thanks to the experience in the fields of publishing, journalism and new technologies. Today it has become the biggest and most prevalent cultural editorial office in the country, with 250 cooperators throughout the world, thus becoming the most popular means of information and most familiar in Italy. The platform is divided into two functions: the digital, including Artribune.com; Arte intorno; Social; Jobs; Podcast; Newsletter; Television, and non-digital: Artribune Magazine; Grandi Mostre; Turismo; Edizioni Speciali.

This platform has a wide presence on the network, offering the public the opportunity to easily receive the information by e-mail, with a special system of mailing lists. One of the editorial challenges in the Artribune platform is the written language, which is structured to be as intelligible as possible for the information to be absorbed quickly. Great attention is paid to technical care as well as the content of the texts. The language is Italian and the written information is dedicated to cultural events around the world. The public has an instantaneous contact, as the communication and the exchange of information are continuous. their work concentrates mainly in functionality, reliability and stability.

Artribune is developed not only as an online platform but also as a magazine published in 55 thousand copies, distributed for free throughout Italy. Artribune magazine is the most popular means of information, updates and deep analysis on the topics of art, culture and everything about them in Italy. As one of the most classic formats of information, its activity concentrates in: communication, creativity, politics and cultural policies, publications, mass media, advertising, new technologies, architecture and urban planning, design, cinema, music, theatre, philosophy and literature.

Massimiliano Tonelli also introduced some new programs that are part of the platform, such as: Sky arte; Mail; Contenuti audio (Podcast); Contenuti video (TV); APP; Progetto Jobs; Il magazine cartaceo; Speciali cartacei; Arte pubblica. He also presented some projects that are underway: Travel; University; Libri; Il magazine grandimostre; Rinovare il sito; Estero.

Massimiliano Tonelli (1978) graduated in Communication Sciences at the University of Siena. From 1999 to 2011 he was the director of paper and web publishing platform “Exibart”. He is currently the editorial director of Artribune, which he founded in 2011. From 2013 to 2021 he was the editorial director of Gambero Rosso.

He moderated and took part as a speaker at numerous conferences, juries and seminars; he has lectured at higher education centers, including the European Institute of Design, Tor Vergata University in Rome, the Garrone Foundation of Genoa, the Link Campus University, the 24Ore Business School and La Sapienza University of Rome. He has been a lecturer at the Luiss Master of Art and at the Master of enogastronomic Communication and Journalism of Gambero Rosso. Currently he is an adjunct professor at the IULM in Milan where he teaches culture publishing.