Thomas Delamarre – the next guest of Harabel Contemporary Art, invited for a conversation among participants of the art world –he made known the activity of the Cartier Foundation contemporary art, located in Paris.


The Cartier Foundation was launched in 1984 by Alain Dominique Perrin, President of Cartier International at the time, with a suggestion by artist César and directed by Hervé Chandès. Since moving to Paris in 1994, the Cartier Foundation is housed in a light and airy building designed by architect Jean Nouvel. In these unprecedented surroundings come alive exhibitions, conferences and artistic productions.

The Cartier Foundation is at the same time, a space for creation for artists and a place where art and the general public can meet as a form of dedication to widespread recognition and public awareness of contemporary art, making it more tangible. Each year, the Cartier Foundation organizes an exhibition program based on artists or individual themes. Also, meetings are held focusing on performing arts, where artists explore links between visual arts and other forms of contemporary artistic expression. As a reflection of our time, the Cartier Foundation includes all creative fields and genres of contemporary art, ranging from design to photography, from painting to video art and from fashion to performance art.

For the participants, Thomas Delamarre selected from the Cartier Foundation’s collection, “EXIT” (2008-2015), a film about the theme of human migration based on an original installation created by American architects Liz Diller and Ricardo Scofidio in collaboration with the French philosopher Paul Virilio.

The footage outlines that the world population is in constant motion. Of the 7 billion inhabitants of this globe, the strongest trend is that of the influx into urban areas. While migration is a result of a variety of causes, primarily social and economic causes. In the footage a lot of attention is given to environmental degradation, as a multilateral problem coused not only by the exploitation of natural resources and their natural exhaustion, but also due to their abuse, due to a lack of awareness from the human being which has also led to a negative impact on climate conditions.

The footage graphically reflects everything about the multi-directional movement of humanity in the period in which we live and performs a near prediction of the conditions towards which mankind is going, following frantically the rhythm of the destruction of its living resources.