Harabel Contemporary had the pleasure to organize a workshop in collaboration with artist Tim Dirdamal, during the period March 23 – April 15, 2022, in Tirana.

Documenting the Future is a workshop that seeks to find new narratives and creative processes in the artistic endeavor.

A group of artists (filmmakers, conceptual artists, painters, dancers, musicians…) were invited to leave the old ways behind and seek new narratives for their current projects. Kilometers away from the rules proposed by artistic institutions, the focus was to work without formulas, looking into the future to find fresher, riskier, deeper ways to express what resides within.

Tin Dirdamal shared his attempts at documenting the future and tried to orientate the group in deconstructing their own creative processes in search of novelty. The main goal of this laboratory was that the invited artists could explore and open new doorways into their own creative process; doorways that speak from true intimacy and from deep within.

The group met for 9 sessions in a period of 3 weeks (3 sessions per week). Each session lasted 2.5 hours long for a total of 22.5 hours. The workshop will take place during:

Tin Dirdamal’s bio

Born 165 kilometers south of the US-Mexico border, self-taught filmmaker and accidental artist with formal studies in engineering. He measures the success of his films by how much of himself he was able to abandon in the process. Also, self- taught in psychology and architecture, his most useful tools are doubt and contradiction.

He is an advocate of plagiarism and is a great ignorant of world affairs. He believes that lies can be an instrument to approach truth. It takes him on average 5.5555 years to complete a film. He is convinced he can document the future and has attempted this numerous times.

He is a gypsy and a nomad; he lives in places with the understanding he will soon abandon them. He was recently commissioned to make a short film about the Albanian artist Lumturi Blloshmi that will be exhibited at La Biennale di Venezia in 2022.

His films have been invited and awarded at some of the most important art venues and film festivals around the world including: M+ Museum (Hong Kong), FEMSA Biennial (México), CCCB (Barcelona), The Venice Biennale, Sundance, Visions du Reél, IDFA, L’Alternativa, La Mostra de São Paulo, Jihlava, Torino, Mar del Plata, BAFICI, FICUNAM, Ambulante, DoKuFest. He has mentored filmmakers, contemporary dancers, musicians, painters and conceptual artists in their creative processes. He has been invited to give workshops and masterclasses at UCLA, YALE, NYU, Hunter, UMASS, Union Docs (Brooklyn), DocLab (Hanoi), La Arrocera (México), Art House (Albania) and L’Alternativa (Barcelona). He has been a guest judge at Toulouse, the former FICCO (Mexico), Bushwick and Caracas.