The objects that were displayed in the exhibition at the space of TULLA Cultural Center came with accompanying notes, where the titles and names of the creators were specified. The way the title and creator are presented is practical and informal. At a second glance, the infrastructure that helps in building the work is quite visible to the visitors. The infrastructure implies the devices that give life to videos such as computers, wires, adhesives, etc., auxiliary materials or requisites that serve to bring the work to display. They were left visible because the works of the exhibition are the result of a two-week workshop near TULLA center, a laboratory with the purpose of studying and exploring contemporary art, also the way the work of art is realized in practice and its conceptual aspects. The focus was on public works and the act of intervening in the public space through art, which in turn needed to carry an idea related to a word that participants could choose for themselves.


The participants which were selected through an open call to participate in this 14-day workshop, were attended by three contemporary artists, with the support of the Ministry of Culture. Ledia Kostandini covered the course entitled ‘The Great Urban Game’, which was dedicated to the city and its exploration through art, as well as the perception of the city as a performance space. Driant Zeneli built ‘Notes on Our Millennium’ (based on the book ‘American Lessons’ by Italo Calvino) with a focus on communication and the form it takes in the literary and multimedial sense. Edison Ceraj with the cycle ‘Museum of the Word’ helped the participants to practically realize the works, in accordance with the lessons received. The lecturers served as instructors, sharing information on theoretical and technical aspects of contemporary art through presentations and practical works. Areas of interest included history of art, public art, videos, installations, the relationship between the artist and the work, the inclusion of social themes in it, etc. At the end of the workshop, the participants created their works by selecting an Albanian word or concept and making a public work (or that could be publicly exhibited) around it. 13 works were exposed near TULLA Cultural Center until July 16th, 2021.

Arbnor Morina – Shllim – Installation, A mirror with a classic gold-colored frame hanging on the wall and reflecting the visitors.

Elsamina Musiq & Xhulian Millaj – No Deadlines – Video – The phrase “NO DEADLINES” is projected on the facades of various buildings in the city.

Eglira Aska – Cushions – Installation – A mannequin head rests on a stack of cushions.

England Likoni – Sampling Madness – Installation – The famous Dutch painting “Regents of the old Man’s Almshouse” appears in large size, the eyes of the subjects shift their gaze to a screen, where fragments from “Eyes Without a Face” are repeated, when Billy Idol stares firmly. Beneath it, artist Egli Likoni appears painting the capital’s famous urban wall, informally nicknamed “the Wall of Bija” in honor of the lady who kept it obsessively clean.

Inda Sela –– Installation & Video – An inauguration ribbon stands in various public spaces, tied between two wooden holders.

Klodian Gjonpalaj – Frame – Installation & Photography – Various empty frames are positioned in public spaces.

Kristjana Cene – Aht – Installation & Video – The artist appears while pronouncing the word “Aht” in different tones, which in Albanian it traditionally represents the last breath before death.

Mario Dine – Petrit – Photography – A frame with the picture of a predatory (petrit) bird appears on the wall.

Nadia Abazi – Installation – A group of cubes with marbles inside, placed partly in a glass holder hanging on strings and partly on the ground. Visitors can play with the cubes freely.

Nina Ahmetaj – Arrhythmia- Video – A child and an elderly woman, sitting in the park, make the same movements, initially slow and gradually accelerating at different rhythms.

Resina Meçani – BUBI – Installation & Video- An object that keeps the doors of different spaces open.

Zen Alia – Tik Tak – Installation – A clock with iron bars instead of pointers rises to a height, positioned in the shape of a cross.