Marco Bongiorni & Gabriele Sassone | Vizatim i Rrufeshëm

May 24th -17: 30 – 19:00 – presentation of the workshop for the participants
May 25 th – 9:30 am – 13:30 – the development of the workshop with the participants

Note: The participation is free.

The workshop draws inspiration from La Pluie – projet pour un texte (1969) by Marcel Broothaers, where the rain erases every trace that he writes with the black ink. Starting from this point of view, the workshop reflects on the pre-graphic phases of drawing. Through some of the artistic, intellectual and scientific experiences that have renewed the way of perceiving space and image in over the last decades, the concept of “fleeting drawing” will triggers a series of experimental exercises aiming at developing imaginative skills. Drawing with fleeting tools like lasers, mirrors and water will be related to the way people live and interact inside the space.

Marco Bongiorni is an Italian visual artist whose research explores the functioning of the archaic languages of drawing and painting, in order to test and undermine their own dynamics. His projects are planned as activators of possible paths of experience, different conceptual diagrams and cognitive behaviours free from constant and preordained structures; attempts to resist against the totalitarianism of calculating reason in favour of the most elusive side mechanisms of the main thinking. Since 2010 he’s professor at Naba Milan and freelance creative Coach for business and management world. His coaching and training skills are inspired by the art process with the goal of evolve them-self in a self-education path, paying attention on the expertise of the active learning.
Recent projects are KANGAL at Galleria Six (Milan 2018), IN THE DEPTH OF THE SURFACE I and II (Milan, New York, 2017-18) and DRAWING AS FIGHTING at Palais De Tokyo (Paris 2016).

Gabriele Sassone (1983) teaches Art Writing at NABA’s Visual Arts Department in Milan. He writes for Flash Art, Mousse Magazine, Camera Austria, Il Tascabile and Alfabeta2 and used to be editor for Agma Magazine. He translated Going Public by Boris Groys (Postmedia Books, Milan – 2013) and wrote an essay on Edouard Riou (Mimesis, Milan – 2015). In 2016 he curated Drawing as Fighting, an exhibition by Marco Bongiorni at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Since 2017 he is part of the editorial board of Geoarchivi (Meltemi, Milan).

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