Stefano Romano | Pranayama

20th of November 2018 – presentation of the workshop to the participants.

21st, 22nd of November 2018 – the development of the workshop with the participants.

Harabel Contemporary Art Platform organizes a workshop directed by the artist Stefano Romano during  20th – 21th – 22nd of November 2018. Pranayama is a Sanskrit word alternatively translated as “extension of the prāṇa (breath or life force)” or “breath control.” Starting from the reflection on the breath as a controlled act, the workshop will develop around the concept of “suspension”. The workshop will be a moment of reflection on how to deal with public space and its problems, on what it means to work outside the protected environment of art spaces.  A series of actions will be conducted in a public space, therefore, reflecting the need to stop and distance ourselves in order to see the reality from a different standpoint, a reality in which we unconsciously dive in every day.

On the first day of the workshops we will discuss the categories of space, time and ethics which we measure each time we work in public spaces; then after reflecting on the concept of suspension through the control of the breath, we will go out into the streets of Tirana and physically begin to work in the public space. At the end of the day we will reflect on what happened during the city tour.

The second day of the workshop will be entirely dedicated to the doings in the public space and at the end of the day we will reflect on the performed activities

The third day of the workshop will be divided in two phases, finalizing the activities in the public space and final reflections on the experience.

The workshop is aimed at students and young artists who want to experiment performative activities in the public space and reflect on topics such as body, relationship, time, ephemerality. The goal is to better understand how to work in the public space and what are the issues to be addressed in a project or performing activities of public art.

* Stefano Romano (Italy, 1975), he lives and works between Albania and Italy. Romano works in a processual field, through temporary actions, performances, installations, video and photographic works. He carries out ephemeral, diasporic actions built according to a rigid grammatical structure capable of always generating unexpected situations, making the artist the first spectator of himself.

His work has been displayed  in National and International exhibitions such as: Collezione Giuseppe Iannaccone (Milan, Italy); Autostrada Biennale (International Contemporary Art Biennial, Prizren, Kosovo); BACO arte contemporanea (Bergamo, Italy); Artopia Gallery (Milan, Italy); Careof (Milan, Italy); Placentia Arte (Piacenza, Italy); GAMeC area Palestra, (Bergamo, Italy); Galleria Alice&altri lavori in corso (Rome, Italy); Macro Future (Rome, Italy); GC.AC (Monfalcone, Gorizia, Italy); Neon campo base (Bologna, Italy); Triennale (Milan, Italy); Chelsea Art Museum (New York, USA); Tirana Bienale3 (Tirana, Albania); The Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artist, Centre for Contemporary Arts (Vrsac/Belgrade Serbia and Montenegro).


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