For the first time ever, Atélier JR in collaboration with Harabel Contemporary Platform and Creative Industries Tirana brought the “Inside Out Project” to Albania, showcasing the vibrant energy and diversity of the city’s urban landscape.


The photobooth van was positioned behind the University of Arts in Tirana, after the participants had their portraits taken, their posters were pasted to the wall in the back of the University of Arts.
In the end, a large mural of diversity was created, giving the neighborhood an authentic face.

The action captured the dynamic interactions and movements of people in public spaces, conveying a message that the city is a living, breathing entity shaped by the actions and experiences of its inhabitants.

The incredible and groundbreaking art of French artist JR is now on display in Tirana, after inviting the local citizens to become active participants in his artistic process.

JR is a world-renowned artist, known for his innovative use of collage techniques to create stunning and thought-provoking works of art that have captivated millions of people across the globe. He works at the intersection of photography, social engagement, and contemporary art, creating pieces that challenge conventional notions of art and community.

Atélier JR is famous for its ‘infiltrating art’ approach, where JR works closely with local communities to make everyone part of the creative process. This inclusive approach allows everyone to contribute to the artwork, breaking down the traditional barriers between the artist and the audience. JR has remained anonymous throughout his career, preferring to let his art speak for itself.

Over the past decade, the ‘Inside Out’ project has attracted over 500,000 participants from more than 148 countries and territories worldwide.