On March 21, 2024, Harabel inaugurated “Portraits of Stillness”, an exhibition with the participation of Ergys Vela and Samela Balazi, at Harabel’s exhibition space, “GurGur” gallery in Petrela.

Man and space are two perceptually indivisible concepts. Kant posited space and time as a priori elements of our sensory experience, if we replace the notion of time with that of man, in the sense of being human, the result can be the same, because, after all, time and space are notions that we have adapted to our perception as humans, hence to the shape of our body that moves and perceives things in space.

The exhibition is a reflection on these two notions, that of the body and that of space, which intersect seamlessly in the works of Samela Balazi and Ergys Vela. Painting, engraving, photography and installation are the media that the two young artists use, focusing specifically on details of body and space. The places and bodies photographed and painted become portraits of a time that seems to close in on itself and stop, placing the viewer in a condition of waiting. In the dialogue between their research, the two artists make us reflect on the time of our lives, precisely because their works question the suspended moments where the body is no longer just flesh and where space is no longer just empty space filled with objects, but both become representations of torments, of absences, of questions that often remain unanswered.