Harabel launches a new cycle of exhibitions, seeking to unite (or simply bring together) Albanian contemporary art with Illyrian antiquity. This initiative aims to rediscover museums or archaeological sites by revisiting them along with works by contemporary Albanian artists, but also creating a new artistic perspective: the artist of two thousand years ago in front of today’s artist, in the same place.

Contemporary painter Eltjon Valle (1984) concentrates his work on the “earth” material: the soil heavied with the oil of his birthplace, Kuçova, the bearer of the pain of a child who has seen all of his toys dressed in this thick mud, but at the same time the greatest inspiration of his creativity in adulthood to date, where the paintings already resemble the soils of unknown planets, somewhere blue, somewhere purple, showing us unfamiliar lunar images. From this same land used for the creation of these contemporary paintings, the ancient Illyrian handicrafts were discovered through excavations.
Meanwhile, sculptor Ergys Krisiko (1977) focuses on creating a transversal space of thought where he unites mythology with futurism, creating a huge metal creature (or a robot?), which when placed between Illyrian columns resembles a dream or nightmare, the distant past or the future, raising the question of whether the approach to history is a stoic defense of it or an animal that internally erodes it.

The exhibition opened on JUNE 30, at 19:00 at the Archaeological Museum of Durrës.