HARABEL Contemporary Art Platform, in collaboration with the Textile and Fashion Atelier of the Faculty of Fine Arts, under the direction of professor and artist Najada Hamza, presented a fashion show with the creations of soft sculptures by the students of this atelier over the years, representing nineteen years of work. The “URBAN SCULPTURES” event took place at the square of the University of Arts on the evening of July 14, 2022, Tirana.

Accustomed to see sculpture built from solid materials (marble, metal, wood, etc.) and fashion as an accessory cover, URBAN SCULPTURES experiments with forms, materials and non-traditional creations of both disciplines, creating a suspended space between the two, because the ordinary does not have to be dull and the sculpture does not have to be immobile.

72 garments were introduced in this fashion show divided into categories according to their creation: Black and White; Transparency; Pencil on paper; Shapes; Roots; Butrint; Baroque sounds; Picasso; Antiquity; Cereus and Amphora.

The garments that were presented were made by students and former students of the atelier: Alkida Boshnjaku; Arjana Blakaj; Blerta Isufi; Denada Zebi; Edlira Terziu; Elisabeta Gjoni; Erolda Cela; Enelejd Likaj; Eni Bakiri; Entela Ahmetaliaj; Helena None; Kejsi Ceko; Paola Vishaj; Laura Ukshini; Marinela Koni; Meri Vata; Sidorela Koxha; Sindi Budini; Urtina Gashi.

The textile department was founded in 1965 by Danish Jukniu. The atelier was initially known as Design and Textile, then in the last 19 years it changed to Textile and Fashion atelier. While getting to explore and study the history and development of textile art, the evolution of clothing, the possibilities of creating and applying clothing design, the students engage in different mediums and techniques, creating and surpassing the traditional concept of either fashion or sculpture.