Marina Sula (b, 1991 in Lezhë, Albania) and grew up in Italy. Currently lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

She graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, after studying Art History at the University of Vienna.



“In my artistic practice I explore the dynamics of and impacts on affect and sense occurring within technologically mediated experiences and communication to reveal its cracks and ruptures of the self.
Working through diverse media such as photography, sculpture, print, video, sound, my works engage in narratives of rituals, liturgy and belief that seem to secure the relationship of the subject to its increasingly insecure and com- plex environments within communicative capitalism. My practice foregrounds interactions between self and environment that reveal ideas of increasing collectivity and accessibility as solipsistic narcissism and self-optimization. Staging sensual, corporeal and cognitive fabrications between an inside and its fluctuating micro-worlds, I explore novel relationship between security (love, comfort) and insecurity (anxiety, loneliness, phobias) in communicative systems of control. My research is devoted to a quest for understanding the architecture of structures that mediate identities and affects and transform them into physical language. How do they relate to human processing, consciousness and memory? Posing questions about supporting structures of human interaction, how cultural structures of emotions are organized, I investigate alternative, reliable systems that could offer assurance, comfort and control. Combining contrasting raw and industrial processed, solid and liquid as well as pharmaceutical and organic mate- rials, the ambivalence of the subject matter is enforced in a fragile system of stability and instability, human and technological tissue”.

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